Globefox Health are revitalising health and care from the patient upwards:

  • Developing a new health data framework for under-diagnosed conditions and disabilities that will help and support everyone to identify, track and report their symptoms effectively
  • Making the invisible visible by gathering data and insights that are currently being missed, and putting this information to good use.
  • Creating new user-led support services to better fit individual needs, and ensure that no one is left behind.
  • Empowering people to better understand and express their health and care needs and to contribute and benefit more fully.

Our initial focus is on supporting those with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and the Hypermoblity Syndromes as these conditions are chronically under-diagnosed and under served.

We are working with The Ehlers-Danlos Support UK and Hypermobility Syndromes Association and patient groups to ensure that we are meeting the needs of these people, and those who care for them.

Globefox Health are currently participating in the ‘We In Social Tech‘ accelerator programme, an initiative of NWES and Made for Good, the Deustche Bank enterprise for social good.

During September 2019, we are completing our move to a full prototype platform.

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Why Now?

Public hospitals and private healthcare companies alike are struggling to meet the needs of people with complex health issues. These include autoimmune and autonomic disorders and disability related conditions, and the effects of long term stress.

Without timely treatment, symptoms become chronic and even more costly and difficult to manage. Reporting symptoms properly is key – yet many people struggle to do this – for all sorts of reasons, including the impacts of the conditions themselves.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) and related Hypermobility disorders affect up to 70,000 people in the UK, and hundreds of thousands more around the world.

These conditions affect sporty, creative and high achieving people more than the general population so symptoms and markers may be ascribed to stress, overwork or accidental injury rather than to any underlying physiological cause, blocking timely diagnosis.

What if other people have impairments and complex health problems that are not being fully recognised? And what if their symptoms are actually a syndrome or condition that is underdiagnosed, or yet to be discovered? What do we do?

Innovating from the experience of the founder and through extensive research, we have developed a symptom framework and related tools that will support those with EDS and related disorders in getting the help they need, even if they do not yet have a clear diagnosis.

This framework will also help those who are yet to have a diagnosis, or those who want to explore their health and track their wellness in a deeper more meaningful way.

This is not only critical for individuals, and health providers, but also for organisations that need to observe and monitor the health of their employees, and watch for signs of stress, and burnout, or the early signs of exposure to harzardous substances or pathogens.

We urgently need to help people recognise, track and report their symptoms and experiences – more effectively, especially if they have difficulty understanding or using devices, or forms.

Overcoming these barriers is critical for everyone. The cost of inaction is huge, not just in public heath and welfare costs, but also in lost working hours and missed potential.

Improving access to healthcare and preventative services is also key to meeting Sustainable Development Goal 3 : Good health and well being for all.

Let’s give everyone better and more effective ways to report their symptoms, and encourage and support everyone to look at human health and well-being from a more integrative, systemic perspective.

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