Do better stories lead to better health? We beleive they do.

Too many of us are struggling to have our health problems recognised and heard, which can prevent us from getting the attention care and treatment we need. And even when we feel well, it can be hard to know what to keep track of, and how.

The Health Heard self-screening service helps you map what’s going on for you. Completing a questionnaire creates a detailed health story report that you can use to have better conversations with your doctors and specialists. This helps them to help you better, especiallly when you have much to dicuss and time is short.

Health Heard began in 2017 from our founder’s efforts to escape the hell of misdiagnosis for her and her family, which thankfully worked. Since then, we have been researching the issues that lead to such problems, and you have been helping us further research, design and innovate the best possible ways to solve them.

Now, we are getting ready to bring our full service to those of us who need it most, and to make sure that this comes with the support and encouragement we need along the way!

Health Heard are revitalising health and care from the patient upwards:

  • Developing a new health data framework for under-diagnosed conditions and disabilities that will help and support everyone to identify, track and report their symptoms effectively
  • Making the invisible visible by gathering data and insights that are currently being missed, and putting this information to good use.
  • Creating new user-led support services to better fit individual needs, and ensure that no one is left behind.
  • Empowering people to better understand and express their health and care needs and to contribute and benefit more fully.

Our initial focus is on supporting those with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and the Hypermoblity Syndromes as these conditions are compex, debilitating yet chronically under-diagnosed and under served.

We are working with community groups and individuals to ensure that we are meeting the needs of these people, and those who care for them.

Health Heard recently participated in the ‘We In Social Tech‘ accelerator programme, an initiative of NWES and Made for Good, the Deustche Bank enterprise for social good.

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